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Sas Christian

Sas Christian

Sas Christian

Sas, do you remember the moment or piece that defined how you are recognized as an artist today? Ooh, I would say it would be “Saturday Night Sunday Morning”. It was a painting of a crying girl removing her makeup. It seemed to connect with many people and communicated many of the ideas I had [...]


Where does the moniker “Clogtwo” come from? Clogtwo was found in the sewage of illegal graffiti in late 2004. My first graffiti piece was a total mess; the cap of my spray can kept choking, and hence the name “Clog” came into the picture. The number two is a self-reminder to stay humble and constantly [...]

Army of Snipers – Art Basel

Project Galvanize linked up with the Army of Snipers Crew at Art Basel this past weekend. We got a chance to talk to AOS’ founder, Aaron “Angry Woebots” Martin, as well as members LEZA ONE, Luke Chueh, and J*RYU. AOS’ 25+ members are traveling and hitting up art events and conventions globally. Early in 2012, [...]