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Beach House at The Fillmore

Uncertainty clouded me as I walked into The Fillmore at Miami Beach for my very first Beach House performance. For one, it was my first show at The Fillmore as well as my first Beach House show ever. Secondly, I wasn’t sure what kind of crowd to expect. Miami isn’t exactly the poster city for Indie music or hipster [...]

Omertá Publications

Omertá Publications Nunquam Dormio Volume 1 was released in early December. It is the combined efforts of 32 international tattoo artists to put together a product to showcase their individual strengths as artists, on skin, canvasses, skateboards, and found objects. This publication was put together by Javier Betancourt and Jason June, two well-known and respected [...]

Army of Snipers – Art Basel

Project Galvanize linked up with the Army of Snipers Crew at Art Basel this past weekend. We got a chance to talk to AOS’ founder, Aaron “Angry Woebots” Martin, as well as members LEZA ONE, Luke Chueh, and J*RYU. AOS’ 25+ members are traveling and hitting up art events and conventions globally. Early in 2012, [...]