Beach House at The Fillmore

Uncertainty clouded me as I walked into The Fillmore at Miami Beach for my very first Beach House performance. For one, it was my first show at The Fillmore as well as my first Beach House show ever. Secondly, I wasn’t sure what kind of crowd to expect. Miami isn’t exactly the poster city for Indie music or hipster scene but I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised at the crowd Beach House drew.

Fluorescent lights illuminated black and white backdrops on the stage, setting an eerie tone for the concert which paired very nicely and highlighted Victoria’s haunting voice. But the bigger picture of the light show was lost as the band was barely visible under the lights, hindering a connection between the band and some of their most dedicated fans in the front. As dark and divine as the stage may have been, the show was anything but disappointing.

While producing a huge sound that had The Fillmore vibing, Beach House is truly one of the few bands out there today that you must see live to appreciate their true talent. As they transitioned from fan favorites to new tracks off their new album, Bloom, the stage transformed into a starry night, giving the feeling of warmth and a new day to come.

In this day, it is rare to find an act that not only lives up to their recorded music but surpasses your expectations and Beach House does just that. Victoria and Alex do a great job at translating album productions to live settings in a profound and supreme way.

Brian Beavers

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