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Stash, Futura, and Gerb in 1992

STASH, FUTURA, GERB circa 1992 from Milkcrate Athletics TV on Vimeo. This video of Stash, Futura, and Gerb comes to you from Milkcrate NYC. Very cool to see these three talented artists at such a young age. Video is over 20 years old at this point. It’s amazing to look back at their beginnings and [...]


Where does the moniker “Clogtwo” come from? Clogtwo was found in the sewage of illegal graffiti in late 2004. My first graffiti piece was a total mess; the cap of my spray can kept choking, and hence the name “Clog” came into the picture. The number two is a self-reminder to stay humble and constantly [...]

Army of Snipers – Art Basel

Project Galvanize linked up with the Army of Snipers Crew at Art Basel this past weekend. We got a chance to talk to AOS’ founder, Aaron “Angry Woebots” Martin, as well as members LEZA ONE, Luke Chueh, and J*RYU. AOS’ 25+ members are traveling and hitting up art events and conventions globally. Early in 2012, [...]