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Galvanize Gadgets 4

Instacube by D2M In this edition of Galvanize Gadgets, we bring the focus to a few items that have caught our attention in the photo and video department. An item you are bound to see on many holiday wish lists this year will be D2′s Instacube. This Wi-Fi enabled interactive digital photo frames simple design features [...]

Galvanize Gadgets 3

Brassé Indoor BBQ by Joshua Brassé We start off this edition of Galvanize Gadgets with something to ignite your taste buds. The Brassé Indoor Element BBQ is a smokeless, apartment friendly, and cost effective grill that uses lava rocks to cook your meats right on your gas or electric stove.

Galvanize Gadgets 2

This week we bring you a few must-have gadgets to help you improve your productivity, your creativity, and your life. Perry Go by RumbaTime This $50 watch by RumbaTime not only tells time, it helps you PAY for it. Well, pay for the goods/services during your day. It comes with a unique 8-digit VITAnumber that you [...]

Galvanize Gadgets

Introducing the first post of a new section we call Galvanize Gadgets. Here we will be bringing you the latest tech and fashion must-haves to improve and get more out of your days. gTar by Incident This is a really great kickstarter that is already catching quickly for those who are eager to learn how to [...]