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Shadoe Delgado

Shadoe Delgado

We linked up with super-talented Shadoe Delgado. He hit the ground running last year and wowed toy and design folks. While he is new to the scene, Shadoe has already made waves with his unique customizations and skills. Check our interview with him after the jump!

Clay Ferguson

Clay, where did you get your start in art and design? I have been drawing, painting, and making things since I was a kid but, my first legit design job was at a small local agency. My friend hooked me up with an internship. I took it real seriously and basically lived there ’till they [...]

Erick Scarecrow

Erick, where did you get your start in illustration and design?  That depends. If you mean professionally I started back in 1992 and if you mean creatively I could remember as far back as preschool drawing on construction paper and on the walls. Where did the moniker, Erick “Scarecrow” come from?  The “Scarecrow” dates back [...]

Aaron Draplin

Where are you from? Born in Detroit and raised in the Michigan Northwoods in a little town called Traverse City. It’s the getaway for all the turds from Detroit and Chicago. Winter wonderland sort of stuff. Lake life in the summers. What was/is the design and creative scene like there? Can’t really speak for it. [...]